General Questions

A: Only standard PayPal transaction fees of 2.9% + $0.30 USD are applied from the amount that organizations receive. For any questions on these fees, please find the PayPal FAQ here.

Al-Sadaqah app does not charge any transaction fees.

A: Go to the organizations page and search by name or location and hit enter.

A: Go into your phone settings and turn location to on.

A: Go into your phone settings and select the Facebook account to sync with your device.

A: Every organization that is registered with Al-Sadaqah app will have a heart icon next to the organization details shown on the search page. Select the heart icon to make it your favorite. The option to make your organization your favorite is also available on the individual organization page.

A: You must register your organization with Al-Sadaqah app by selecting claim when you find it on the organization page and enter the required details on the registration page. Also, you can register your organization by registering on

General Questions

A: Send an email to

A: Go to the profile settings in the app drawer and sign-out. After signed-out, go to sign-up page and create a new account. If you wish to retain your donation history then email

A: No, but if no TAX exempt ID is provided then this will be apparent to donors on the organization page and will likely lessen the likelihood of users donating to your organization. We will include the Tax exempt ID for organizations that are registered with 501 c3 status in the U.S, we will include this information in the app under your organization so users are aware before they donate.

A: Send an email to

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