Al-Sadaqah App


The Al-Sadaqah app enables giving donations from the
convenience of your phone at no cost to you or the
organization you are giving to. Start giving Sadaqah
to your favorite Islamic organizations today!

User Benefits

With the Al-Sadaqah app you can:
• Give sadaqah easily to any organization registered with the app using the payment method of your choice including PayPal.
• Find Islamic organizations that are closest to you
• Select and save your favorite organizations
• Track all the sadaqah you’ve ever made through the app

About Us

Register your Organization

Organizations can use the Al-Sadaqah app to receive donations at no cost to the Organization. Organizations who already have a public facing PayPal ID setup to receive donations may already be in our app. View, update, or register your organization today so you can begin to receive donations immediately.

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About Us

Al-Sadaqah app was created to make giving sadaqah easy for givers in every part of the world. The app aims to bring all givers of sadaqah and non-profit Islamic organizations in the world together into a single platform. The Al-Sadaqah App is free for both users and organizations who register with our app. For users who use PayPal to make payments, note that standard PayPal charges may apply and be deducted from your donation amount.